Conceptual Image

2015 TBA
15 ft(H) x 120 ft (W)x 30 ft (D) ( each sculpture 30 ft diameter)
Laser cut and welded steel, epoxy paint

Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture
Site: Phoenix Biomedical Campus Health Sciences Education Building– University of Arizona, Arizona State University, & Northern Arizona University
Structural Engineers: Miyamoto International – Project Manager, Jaime Garza
Architects: Co Architects/ Ayers Saint Gross/ DPR/ Sundt

Immersion is commissioned through the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture as a major outdoor artwork for the new Phoenix Biomedical Campus (PBC). The urban biomedical campus, a 28-acre downtown urban research park, will have six million square feet square feet of biomedical-related research, laboratory, and academic facilities. The Biomedical project is part of the 2004 “Downtown Phoenix: A Strategic Vision and Blueprint for the Future” which establishes a roadmap for the next 10 years of downtown development. The Strategic Vision and Blueprint builds off of the significant public and private initiatives currently underway in downtown Phoenix, including the Phoenix Biomedical Campus, Valley Metro Rail transit system, the new 1,000 room Sheraton hotel, the development of the new Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix campus, the establishment of the University of Arizona College of Medicine, and the development of approximately 2,000 housing units. This is a highly visible opportunity for an outdoor signature work to be integrated into the Biomedical Campus and add to the landmark status of this key downtown site. 
The artwork, “Immersion,” is inspired by the design and function of neurons. Neurons are the core component of nervous system and serve as connection points to form networks. Neurons process and transmit cellular signals and act as pathways. The pathway on the campus adjacent to the new building construction (HSEB) is the heart of the campus where “Immersion” will be located in 3 modular units amongst a grove of Palo Verde trees.