Conceptual Image

11 ft (H) x 40 ft (W) x 40 ft (D)
Mirrored finish on stainless steel, water, mist, video projection, laser video projection

City of West Hollywood - Foundation for a National AIDS Monument

Concept Overview:
-Innovo – Latin word for “Renew”
-When a loved one is lost, time seems to stand still
-Water as metaphor for life, connection, and renewal
-Water ripple metaphor for change
-Renewal, remembrance, and reflection of HIV/AIDS

Artwork Description:
Central sculpture with mirror polished stainless steel reminiscent of a drop of water and rippling action. Surrounding the central sculpture will be ephemeral water-screen video projections. One water-screen projection of tributes and one water-screen projection of the people lost to AIDS. The projections will be updated and evolve over time. Absence and loss are conveyed through immaterial mediums of streaming water and mist.

Interactivity: Video projections interface with the project’s website and allows users to submit tributes which are updated.





Rendering by Sulmo Kim