Innovo (night view) conceptual image

Innovo (site) conceptual image

Innovo (daytime view) conceptual image

18.5 ft (H) x 117.5 ft (W) x 36 ft (D)
Mirrored finish on stainless steel, digital processor, tank, pump, filters, LED's, water, ripple textured concrete, stainless steel drain covers

City of West Hollywood - Foundation for a National AIDS Monument

Concept Overview:
-Innovo – Latin word for “Renew”
-When a loved one is lost, time seems to stand still
-Water as metaphor for life, connection, and renewal
-Water ripple metaphor for change
-Renewal, remembrance, and reflection of HIV/AIDS


  • Create a beautiful and contemplative memorial and monument for remembrance, reflection, and renewal
  • Educate viewers about the past, present, and future of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and be inspired to action and involvement in the prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • Integrate the Monument with the overall plan for West Hollywood Park
  • Connect the community with the Monument and park area
  • Use technology in an innovative and creative fashion to create a multi-sensory experience, which inspires and moves people and further highlight West Hollywood as the “Creative City”

Concept - A ripple that caused a sea change:
 A simple droplet of water splashes upward and causes a ripple. This small ripple extends out further and further and continues to expand. This water rippling metaphor highlights the activists of the 1980’s whose actions began as small initiatives and eventually expanded to the furthest reaches in the education of HIV/AIDS and the community’s understanding of the disease. It was through the unfortunate loss of so many individuals to AIDS and those passionate activists who worked together to make a difference – a ripple that caused a sea change.

From an aerial view, the Monument forms a section of a ripple and an abstract water drop form.

Rendering by Sulmo Kim